Miller has high praise for Gordon

Sean Miller met with the media on Tuesday and had high praise for freshman Aaron Gordon. Read on to see what that praise is, what lesson Gordon recently learned, and more.

Arizona basketball has plenty of high expectations going into the season, but individually, there is not a player that has had higher expectations placed upon him than freshman Aaron Gordon.

"Someone like Aaron, there are so many high expectations for him and once in a while you forget he is so young," Arizona head coach Sean Miller said. "Aaron just turned 18 and when you have these types of expectations, many times the focus becomes what you have to do to get better."

Gordon recently won a gold medal with the FIBA U19 USA team and Miller says that the reviews for his play were all positive.

"One of the interesting things of the under 19 experience for him, obviously he was the MVP of the entire tournament, every person that I talked to, including his coaches, raved about him," Miller said.

"Yet, it was more about who he is and what he does really well rather than what he has to adjust and improve on."

Miller believes that participating in that tournament and hearing what he can do well, in addition to what he needs to improve on, is something that will benefit Gordon.

"I thought that was a really great lesson for Aaron coming to Arizona because we spend several weeks continuing to work on all the things that are going to make him better down the road," Miller said.

"While we work on that, especially once his career begins here, doing what he really does well; he is an incredible athlete, great rebounder, can really handle the ball, and I think you will see his shooting continue to develop as he grows older.

"While he is working on those weaknesses, it is so important for him to know what he is gifted in. Watching him in that under 19 tournament, I thought that was a lesson he learned and obviously he did extremely well."

Many players that come into college as highly rated as Gordon have large egos, but one of the aspects of Gordon's personality that is impressive is how he approaches the game.

"He is very unselfish," Miller said. "You talk to anyone that has ever coached Aaron or that has known him, they will tell you he is a team guy all the way. His attitude is one of the many strengths that he has moving forward.

"He is really a hungry and willing learner. He works hard at the game, he wants to get better at all of those things, and he knows that he needs to. We're excited about Aaron. It is great to see somebody have the attitude that he has and at the same time is so talented."

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