Griffey ready to step up

Trey Griffey redshirted his first year at Arizona and is ready to get on the field. Read on for his thoughts on the upcoming season, the quarterback situation, and more.

When Trey Griffey got to Arizona a year ago, he battled in fall camp to get on the field, but he was unable to win a spot and used a redshirt during his first year in Tucson.

His second season is almost upon him and he is excited to get back into the swing of things.

"Camp has been an experience," Griffey said. "Everything from getting back into the playbook to getting back into the pads has been a great experience. It's been nice to get out here and play."

Griffey knew little about what was in store for him when he got onto campus last fall, but has had a season to get used to everything, including the playbook.

"The redshirt is over," he said when asked about the differences between this year and last year. "Last year I came in and didn't really know the system and I had to pick that up. In the spring I was getting better and now that the fall has rolled around, I'm pretty familiar with it."

The receiver learned plenty throughout the season and learned even more during the spring.

"I got to really see how the play was supposed to be run," he said. "Dan Buckner, Austin Hill, Garic Wharton, and all the receivers that played last year really helped me. They helped me get ready for the spring and really progress."

Arizona lost Austin Hill in the spring to a torn ACL and later lost Tyler Slavin when he left the team. Down two veteran receivers, the coaches are looking to all the receivers to contribute.

"Everybody needs to step up in the receiving group," he said. "I know that I have to step up, but it's not just me. We all know the routes. We should all know all the positions. That's our job."

With the offense that Rich Rodriguez likes to run, the receiving corps is often called on to block for a ball carrier. It is something that the corner backs and receivers have fun with in practice.

"Basically, the biggest thing is knowing the plays," Griffey said. "As you can see during the game, screen passes work. We just try to block our best and see what happens.

"The first couple of days without pads, the corners were pushing us around a bit, but now that we have pads on as well, it's easier to work on that."

One of the biggest things that Griffey had to work on during his redshirt year is his conditioning. The offense runs at a fast pace and the receiver needed to make sure he was ready for it.

"I definitely feel better than I did last year," he said. "We did more for conditioning this summer. The seniors were really pushing it.

"As soon as the seniors from last year left, the seniors for this year started stepping up. B.J. (Denker) really helped out with the offense and Jake (Fischer) and Marquis (Flowers) really helped out the defense.

"They kept saying like Coach Rodriguez says, if you want to be an elite athlete, you need to train like one."

Even though the first game is merely weeks away, the receivers have yet to be told which quarterback will be throwing to them to start the season.

"You really don't know who is going to start," Griffey said. "You have to be comfortable with all of them. You have to know where they are going to throw it and who they are going to throw it to. It's a lot of learning."

Earlier in the week, Rich Rodriguez told media members that he would be open to the idea of playing two quarterbacks if the situation arose. Griffey isn't worried about the possible scenario.

"Coach Rodriguez is the head coach, so whatever he says is what we are going with," Griffey said. "We have to be comfortable with every quarterback out here. We can't go into the play not knowing what is going on."

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