Morrison working on new position

Richard Morrison made the switch to cornerback in the spring. Read on for his thoughts on the transition, how the defense has played, and more.

When Richard Morrison first showed up on the Arizona campus, he was scheduled to be a quarterback. Things went differently and he found a new home with the wide receivers. In the spring, Morrison made another position change to cornerback.

Throughout the spring and the summer, Morrison has been trying to learn a new position. He has found some success early on, but still has plenty to learn.

"The camp has been pretty good so far," Morrison said. "The transition is going steady, but it has been hard at times. I'm just going through the process of trying to learn things and do everything right."

Playing cornerback feels different to the senior. He has only ever played offensive positions and the change is new to him.

"It's definitely different," he said when asked about the change. "It's different because I have been playing offense my entire life. Now, its defense and that's a big change. The process is just like learning how to play all over again."

The switch hasn't been completely successful all the time. Morrison admitted to ups and downs, but also mentioned that he had some help from his teammates and coaches.

"It has been difficult at times to learn a new position," Morrison said. "I have some teammates that have been helping me. Coach Lockwood has been helping me a lot as well. I'm just trying to get some experience so I can feel comfortable.

One of the things that is different between the defense and offense is the communication between the players on both sides of the ball.

"The chemistry is a little different on defense than it is on offense," Morrison said. "On defense, you have to talk more and make sure that you know your matchups. On offense, sometimes, you are just too tired to talk because it goes so fast. It's just a little different.

Morrison has had a close look at the other players on his team. One of the freshmen that has stood out to the senior is another cornerback.

"Devin Holiday is really standing out," he said. "Devin is doing great. He is running with the twos right now and he is playing really well. Derek Babiash is playing pretty well too, but Devin is definitely playing the best on defense."

He has also had time to bond with several offensive players in his three years with the offense. Morrison believes that a former walk-on has made the largest jump.

"I've been with Johnny Jackson since he was a freshman and we were both receivers," Morrison said. "He has come a long way since he first got here. He's going to be one of the best in the Pac-12."

During the time at Fort Huachuca, the defense played significantly better than the offense, culminating in a very poor showing by the offense in the first scrimmage of the fall camp.

"Tonight was really good," he said Saturday. "My teammates were talking to me and everything went really well for us. Jourdon Grandon was back there helping on me. I saw the ball well and tried to jump on anything that I could."

Being a former offensive player, Morrison had some insight into what was troubling the other side of the ball during the scrimmage.

"I think the offense has had trouble clicking," he said. "The defense had a lot of guys covered and that can get into the quarterback's heads. If we cover everyone, they can't get completions and it is hard for them to get on a roll."

Morrison knows plenty about quarterbacks. He used to be one, then was a target for one, and now, will have to read opposing signal callers to be successful defensively. Morrison believes that one of the freshmen quarterbacks may be playing the best at the moment.

"All of the quarterbacks are playing pretty good," Morrison said. "The freshman, Anu (Solomon), is looking pretty good to me. Jesse (Scroggins) is doing pretty good, too. To me, Anu is probably playing the best right now."

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