Bush-Loo ready to compete

Keoni Bush-Loo made the transition from tight end to linebacker early last season. Read on for his thoughts on the position change, the defense as a whole and more.

Arizona Head Coach Rich Rodriguez originally recruited Keoni Bush-Loo as a tight end in high school.

Once he got on campus, Bush-Loo converted to the opposite side of the ball and has been there for a full season.

Now that he has had time to adjust, Bush-Loo is ready to make an impact.

"I think I am getting the defense a lot more," Bush-Loo said. "I think I am starting to understand everything more and I'm ready to show it. The coaches and my teammates have been helping me and I'm ready to go now."

During his transition, there were a few things that Bush-Loo had to work on. One of those was making sure he was physically ready for the new position.

"I had to get stronger in the weight room," he said. "I took my time and made sure that I understood the system. I'm getting better at knowing where I need to be and where the runs are going. I got a lot smarter about football."

After taking a year to build up physically and mentally, Bush-Loo believes that he is ready to start contributing on the field.

"I definitely feel like I'm ready to contribute," he said. "I just have to keep working hard and showing the coaches that I can play. The best will turn out for me."

The switch from offense to defense can often take its toll on players. However, Bush-Loo had been wanting to try it out for some time.

"I always wanted to play defense in high school," he said. "When I got here, they noticed that I was bigger and more athletic, so they said I could try out linebacker if I wanted. I tried it and it has worked out well for me."

Now that the switch has been made, the linebacker has been enjoying his new position and side of the ball.

"I really like playing defense," Bush-Loo said. "I like making plays. I like getting the ball in the backfield and getting those sacks. I just want to be a team player and help out the defense the best way that I can."

He isn't the only one who got better on the defensive side of the ball, as Bush-Loo says that the entire defense has improved.

"The defense as a whole is definitely better," Bush-Loo said. "Everyone was hitting the books more. We all had to learn a new defense last year, but now that we are back, everyone seems to know a lot more about what is going on and what they are supposed to do."

Throughout his time with the defense, fellow linebacker Jake Fischer has helped him the most.

"Jake Fischer has been a great leader," he said. "He is always there if I ever have my head down. He's always helping me out and he's always there to help out the younger guys. I'm really thankful for Jake and Marquis Flowers."

The senior hasn't been the only one who has caught Bush-Loo's eye. The sophomore linebacker has also started to notice the play of one of the freshmen.

"Scooby Wright is really good," Bush-Loo said. "That kid can do a lot. He can blitz. He is a player. He can do it all. I like him. He's a good kid."

As camp continues and the games get closer, Bush-Loo only has one goal for the season, which is to play more.

"This season I going to try to get on the field more," he said. "Last year, I was more of a special teams player and this year I want to get in on the defense. I just need to keep working my butt off."

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