Rodriguez learning about his team

Rich Rodriguez met with the media after Tuesday's practice to discuss numerous topics. Read on to see what he says about starters, the questions Arizona still has, and more.

Arizona had two practices on Tuesday and although it is not the first time the Wildcats have done that this fall, head coach Rich Rodriguez believes that it helps him learn about his team.

"You learn who loves football," Rodriguez said. "That's the biggest thing. See if the guys have a hard edge or not. We can find that out. It's been soft so far.

"Weather was nice in Ft. Huachuca, we have gone live maybe five minutes the whole camp. I don't know. We need a good week to get tested a bit, but I don't know how physical we can get because guys get concussions walking out of the building."

As Rodriguez goes through camp, he is looking for players that are separating from the pack. At this point, there has not been much of that on the offensive side of the ball.

"There's nobody that's gotten a starting job on offense yet," he said. "I don't feel a sense of urgency to do it before then. I think what is more important for us is learning who is going to get reps.

"Our first and second group and anybody that shows they are good enough to win with, so it could be three at every position, but by the end of this week, two weeks before the game, you have to pare down who is going to get the quality reps.

"Our twos get as many reps as our ones the way we practice, so the biggest thing for us is finding the guys we are going to be able to win with."

Arizona's head coach has been disappointed with how practice has gone as of late, but admits that it is nothing unusual at this point of the year.

"I am probably that same mode every year this time of camp," Rodriguez said. "Offense takes a little longer to execute and get all the things cranked up, but we have some good running backs and I think we will be okay up front. I don't know how much depth we have."

When asked to compare this camp to last year's, Rodriguez believes that he had a better feel for the team one season ago.

"It is funny because you would think the first year you would have more questions because I had never had a game with them, but this year there is as much uncertainty, if not more, because some of the key positions like quarterback and some other spots," he said.

"I knew Matt Scott was going to be a player from the first practice last spring. This year I think we have some guys with some talent, but there are certainly concerns there because Matt was so good. We have more knowns too as far as what our guys can and can't do. That's not always comforting, but there are more knowns."

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