Rabb's confidence growing

Ivan Rabb is one of the top players in 2015, but his still seeing his confidence increase. Read on to see why, how he is approaching his recruitment, and more.

When it is all said and done, 6-foot-9, 220-pound Oakland (Calif.) Bishop O' Dowd forward Ivan Rabb is going to challenge for the title of the best player in 2015.

The scary part about that is the fact that Rabb feels he is improving at a rapid pace.

"I think I improved time after time I played this summer," Rabb said. "I stayed confident, but also made sure that I was having fun while playing hard."

The five-star says that his confidence is the big reason why his game has been able to keep taking steps forward.

"I think my confidence is my biggest improvement," he said. "I am bringing the ball up, more confident in my jumper, and looking to be more aggressive with my scoring."

Rabb is able to show more of his skill set with the Oakland Soldiers, but also shows other aspects of his game while with his high school squad.

"My high school game is a lot more structured and there is a lot more plays," he said. "My high school actually doesn't run a lot of plays for me, but I find different ways to score like in transition or off of the glass and things like that."

Although Rabb is hearing from basically every school in the country, he has yet to think about possible visits. However, he does know what he wants to see in the schools recruiting him.

"I haven't even looked at schools I would like to visit," Rabb said. "When I talk to them, I want to make sure I am their priority.

"Whatever they say to me, I don't want them saying the same thing to everyone else. I want to make sure they mean what they are saying and not just putting something in my ear."

It is a fellow Oakland Soldier that is telling Rabb about one perspective he should be taking when going through the recruiting process.

"Stanley Johnson is the one that told me to make sure I am a school's priority and a school isn't saying the same thing to every other guy they are recruiting in my class," Rabb said.

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