Gurrola finally comfortable

Arizona Center Steven Gurrola has only been in the Tucson for a few months. Read on to find out how he is competing for the starting job, how he is adjusting to Arizona, and more.

Camp has been a learning experience for Arizona center Steven Gurrola. He came to Tucson from Glendale Community College and was immediately thrown into the battle to be the starting center.

Fighting for playing time is good for players, but Gurrola still had some adjustments to make.

"Camp is different for me because I came from a junior college," Gurrola said. "Everything is much faster. At a junior college, everyone is kind of slow. Here, everyone is bigger, stronger, and faster. I just had to work on getting adjusted."

One thing that Gurrola must adjust to, especially with the tempo of Arizona's offense, is the speed of the game and decision-making.

"The speed is way different here," he said. "I've been trying to get adjusted to it and I'm having some success. This is the first week that I have felt really comfortable with what I'm doing.

"You can't do much about the speed. You just have to take it and start thinking about everything faster. I think I'm there right now.

Throughout camp and the season, the coaches will continually try to get the most out of the players. The coaches were on the players plenty on Tuesday and the center noticed it.

"The coaches can really get on us sometimes," Gurrola said after a day in which Head Coach Rich Rodriguez was particularly fired up. "It's an easy offense and we just have to pick it up. It's a good offense, but we just have to be able to run it."

Gurrola would like to be able to take the job by the horns and solidify his position, but he also knows that things can change from practice to practice.

"The center battle is coming along," he said. "It can change at any given time. In two-a-days, you can be the first guy in the chart in the morning and at night, you can be down at number two or three.

"You just have to keep working at it. I'm studying my playbook and looking at film. I'm just trying to get better."

The center has an advantage over some of the other candidates, as he has been working with a similar system for the past two years.

"At my junior college, we ran the same type of offense," he said. "I feel like I fit in perfect. We are in the shotgun all the time and that's what I am comfortable with. It is just like in junior college."

During the short time he has spent in Tucson, Gurrola has already noticed the play of one of his teammates, Chris Putton. They have worked out together and Putton has helped Gurrola with some adjustments.

"Chris Putton is a great lineman," Gurrola said. "He's played center and he's been here for five years. He knows what it takes and he helps push all of us. He's always around to help out if we need it."

One of the aspects that lured Gurrola to Arizona is the explosive running game that the Wildcats use. The lineman knows that having good running backs will actually help him out.

"I'm excited about Ka'Deem Carey," Gurrola said. "He is a great running back and the only thing he is going to do is make us all look better as a line.

"I love all of those guys, DJ (Daniel Jenkins), Ka'Deem, KB (Kylan Butler); they are all good running backs. They all run through the hole really hard."

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