Holiday hitting his goals

Arizona cornerback Devin Holiday has been receiving rave reviews from his teammates and coaches. Read on to find out what he is doing to stand out during practice, how he is adjusting to college life, and more.

Early reports from Arizona's fall camp show that true freshman Devin Holiday is one of the newcomers that could see some time on the field this season. He has been working hard in camp and has had some extra help from the cornerbacks' coach David Lockwood.

"Everything has been great for me so far," Holiday said. "I have just been trying to pick up things as fast as possible. I have been learning from coaches and players.

"Coach Lockwood teaches very well. He has been helping me with press coverage and so much more."

Even though classes have yet to start for the fall semester, Holiday is already experiencing life as a college athlete.

He has had a quick learning curve with his new defensive scheme.

"Being here is a great experience for me," he said. "It is just different. The speed is pretty quick, but I think I picked it up pretty quick and I'm just trying to learn the scheme and the coverages and everything else.

"Like I said, Coach Lockwood has been great with helping me, as well as Jonathan McKnight, Derrick Rainey, and Shaq Richardson."

Coach Lockwood isn't the only coach that has been helping out Holiday. He has had several of the Wildcat coaches help him learn how to relax on the field.

"The coaches have all been great with helping me," he said. "They helped me start to calm down a little during practice. That was the biggest thing I had problems with coming in. I was jittery and nervous, but they helped me get relaxed and now I am playing much better."

The speed of the game is often something that incoming players take the most time to adjust to, but it seems that the corner was able to adjust to the pace quickly.

"I feel like I adjusted to the speed pretty well," Holiday said. "I had it down in the first week. I have gone against high-caliber players that have gone off to SEC schools and I have been playing against fast guys for a long time."

Instead of having to adjust to the speed of the game, Holiday has had to work on the natural aspect of being in Tucson: the weather.

"The heat is a little different from San Diego," he said. "It's not really the same as the nice cool breeze back at home. I just have to control my breathing at practice in the heat. I think I have been doing a pretty good job and haven't had any problems."

All the hard work has been paying off for the freshman. The coaches have been impressed with the youngster and it seems that he will get plenty of playing time this season.

"It's a great feeling to know that I am going to get some playing time this season," Holiday said. "It's one of my goals that I set up on my board when I moved in. I have some goals that I wake up to every morning.

"Every time I write something down, I achieve it and that was one of the goals on the list. It's going to be great for me and it's going to help me for some of my future goals."

Holiday has a few other goals on his board, but he will have to wait another season until he can achieve the next big one.

"I want to play as a freshman, that was my first goal," Holiday said. "I want to start as a sophomore and be an All-American while I am here at Arizona. After that, I want to go to the NFL."

It is no secret that the Arizona coaches used the promise of a new facility to recruit some of the players to Tucson. They have kept true to their word and Holiday believes that the stadium addition is one of the best around.

"I love it here," Holiday said. "This is the best facility I have ever been in. The cafeteria is amazing. The locker rooms are great. It's just a wonderful place to be and it is state of the art. Everything is nice and new and advanced.

"The new end zone is going to bring a new atmosphere and more sound to the stadium. I came for the USC game and it was loud then, so I can't imagine how it's going to be now."

The Wildcats held a short scrimmage during "Meet the Team" night. Having the fans of the team come out and show their support for the team has motivated Holiday to work harder on and off the field.

"It was really fun to be out here for the scrimmage we had," he said. "It was really motivational for me to see all the fans here and wanting autographs afterwards. It made me want to play better and get better so I can represent the school and the city better.

"I just want our team to be the best it can be for the fans and the city."

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