Teammates feel they have more to give

Daniel Jenkins and Terrence Miller have been teammates since high school. Read on as they reflect on their Arizona career, final season, and more.

Although there are UA players with higher profiles, few will be counted on more this season than 5th year seniors Daniel Jenkins and Terrence Miller.

It's been an adverse journey for the former Moreno Valley (Calif.) Rancho Verde high school teammates, yet they are still looking to complete a pact made back in high school.

"We wanted to go to college and be big pieces on a great offense, and hopefully star in high school too," joked Jenkins.

By the time the 2008 high school season rolled around, they were well on their way. Jenkins had developed into one of the higher rated running backs in the country, while Miller, not as highly rated, had developed into a Pac-10 caliber receiver.

Once both players received offers from Arizona, the deal was done.

"I just loved the school from the second I stepped on campus," Jenkins said. "It reminded me a lot of when I was entering high school.

"The program seemed to be on the way up and the coaching staff told us they wanted us to help take it to the next level and we both felt we could do that."

The results have been somewhat mixed.

Although Jenkins has been productive when given the chance, he has largely fallen victim to a numbers game.

At the conclusion of last season, it appeared the two had played their last game together. Miller planned on coming back for his 5th year, but Jenkins stuck behind the leading rusher in the nation, and initially looked elsewhere for a fresh start.

"The reason I went to Washington State was pretty simple," Jenkins said. "They run an open-style offense, and they had playing time available."

The more he checked out the program, the more dispirited he became.

"I didn't really get the love from the coaches that I thought I would get, it was almost like they had other priorities," Jenkins said. Knowing he still had a grace period to get back to Arizona, Jenkins re-enrolled and met with Coach Rodriguez.

"Coach has always liked my game," Jenkins said. "Obviously, Ka'Deem is the main man, but Coach told me I can be a valuable contributor because of my strength, quickness and knowledge and that I can spread out and be in a lot of positions, including receiver, where we've lost a ton of guys."

While Rodriguez's candor sold Jenkins on coming back to UA, the coach didn't need to convince Terrence Miller.

"I love Coach Rod," Miller said. "The big thing for me is just staying healthy. Whenever I play I've been productive, but it's just about staying healthy."

Blessed with a tight end's body and decent enough speed, Miller has put in the work this summer and is planning on a prolific senior season, individually and team wise.

"When Daniel and I got here, we wanted to help take the program to the next level and make our mark," Miller said.

"Things are getting better, but we feel we have a lot left to give because we've been preparing for this situation since high school."

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