Turituri getting adjusted

Linebacker Derrick Turituri expects to contribute this season. Read on to see his biggest challenge, thoughts on camp, and more.

Linebacker Derrick Turituri is quick to admit that the transition from high school to college has not been easy.

"So far it is going great," Turituri said. "Camp has been fun and I am learning a lot. It is a big transition from high school though."

For Turituri, that transition has more to do with what is off the field than what is on it.

"The football life," he said. "Waking up early, working out, all of the meetings, practices are a lot harder. I have transitioned well though I think."

In addition, the speed in which Rich Rodriguez likes to operate is a challenge for any of the freshmen.

"It definitely takes a while to get adjusted to, but I think over camp I have become in tune with it," Turituri said. "I was told practices would be faster, but I did not know it would be that fast. I think it took me about a week to get everything down."

Turituri might be the most physically developed freshman, but he gives credit to what he has been able to do mentally as well.

"Physically being ready helps a lot, but right now it is more of a mental thing with me," he said. "Learning all of the plays and getting my role down is what is important right now."

In terms of his role this upcoming season, Turituri has a pretty good idea of what he is going to be asked to do.

"I am an outside linebacker," he said. "I am going to try to be a SAM this year and see how this goes. They have me as a third down pass rusher right now also."

Now that it is officially game week, Turituri's attention will turn to his first college game.

"I think it is crazy that a lot of us have a chance to play in that first game and it's awesome that it is at home," he said.

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