Lack of clarity does not bother Denker

B.J. Denker has not been named the starter for Friday, but that does not bother him. Read on for his thoughts on the quarterback battle, the most important attribute in a quarterback, and more.

B.J. Denker may not be named the starter before Friday's season opener, but there is no doubt that he is going to see some action.

For Denker, the idea that he has not been named the outright starter does not make a difference to him.

"I think it is the same," Denker said. "The only difference is that we are getting closer to game time. We are still going out as an offense and trying to execute every play, every snap. No difference in my mind and I don't think in anybody's mind."

The general feeling is that Denker has been able to create a little separation among quarterbacks, but the signal caller will not admit that.

"I have no idea," he said. "Coach won't tell me. I just keep coming out here every day and compete. It doesn't matter if I have a slight edge or not, I just have to keep coming out and competing hard every day."

In fact, Denker can make the argument that not knowing if he will start yet has helped him throughout camp.

"I can't be relaxed or calm down," he said. "I have to play on my toes. I have to come out every single day and do my best, but I would feel I have to do that even if he named me starter in the spring or even going into fall camp."

One attribute that Denker has never fallen short of is confidence. The quarterback believes that in order to succeed at any level, a football player needs that confidence.

"I think it is probably the most single important attribute besides how smart of a football player you are," he said. "You can't be a successful football player, a successful quarterback if you don't believe in yourself or your teammates.

"For me, I have been a big confidence guy ever since I was a kid. I have to have confidence in myself. I have the support of my family and the support of my coaches and that is going to be good for me."

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