Rodriguez not ready to name starting QB

Rich Rodriguez addressed the media on Monday and talked at length about the quarterback situation. Read on for his thoughts on the position battle, comparison to last season, and more.

Arizona's season opener is only days away and head coach Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Monday to discuss Friday night's game against NAU.

The major question surrounding the offense is who will start at quarterback and although Rodriguez did not come out and name a starter, he made it pretty clear who is likely to get the first snap.

"I don't know, but if I did, I wouldn't tell you," Rodriguez said of the starting quarterback. "I don't think there is any need to. B.J. Denker was a front-runner coming in and then in the beginning of camp it was a mix, and in the last week or so B.J. has gotten better. He's still the front-runner, but we've got a couple more practices before the week is over."

Rodriguez feels that's there is no need to name a starter earlier than he would any other position.

"We don't treat the quarterback position different than any other position," he said. "You could be starting on Tuesday and not on Wednesday.

"With the inexperience we have, it's an ongoing competition. I know some coaches feel you have to have a guy that they rally behind and all that, but what happens if that guy gets hurt? Are you going to forfeit?

"We treat this position like the rest of them, rolling guys in and getting them a lot of reps. Whoever the best one is at game time gets the start."

Arizona's head coach admits that there may be a drop off in QB play from last year, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

"The guys we have now are capable," he said. "Are they as good as Matt Scott was? Probably not, but I don't think there were many quarterbacks in the country as good as Matt Scott throwing the football last year.

"I think they've all improved to some point. We put pressure on them to see how they respond in practice and they've responded pretty well. They don't go in the tank when they have a bad play."

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