8/27 Football Notebook

Arizona continues its preparation for NAU. Read on to see the notes coming out of Tuesday's practice.

  • Another day, another Davonte Neal question and Rich Rodriguez once again said that there is nothing new regarding his eligibility.

    "Haven't heard anything, but all the stuff is in," Rodriguez said. "I think the NCAA has all the information that they need to have. I know that our school has given them everything. It doesn't look like anything is going to happen before Friday.

    "I think it is just the process. Sometimes it takes a little longer than we want, but the kid has had a great attitude about it. We are preparing as if we don't know anything and as soon as we do, we will react."

  • Although the running game is Arizona's strength offensively, Rodriguez does not downplay the fact that the wide receivers are going to need to step up as well.

    "It is critical, particularly now with a couple guys injured," he said. "The guys that maybe redshirted last year or have a bigger role now are going to have a great opportunity. I hope they are excited, because we still have to throw the football.

    "If the numbers tell us to throw, we have to throw it. I think we have the ability to throw it, we have the ability to catch the ball, but we have to do it in a game."

  • Arizona may be the heavy favorite for Friday's game, but Rodriguez believes the Wildcats recognize the challenge that NAU brings.

    "What I pointed out to them more than anything is that we could have played poorly last year and still beat that team we played (South Carolina State), but this year is not the same," Rodriguez said.

    "I think our guys see that in film. Our guys, particularly in camp, the focus is so much on yourself anyway and we have so many questions, I am anxious to see the way we play on Friday night."

  • NAU named Kyren Poe its starting quarterback due in large part to what he can do with his legs. Rodriguez does admit that Poe's running ability may slightly change the defense.

    "A lot of it is certainly containment," he said. "If you are going to blitz people, you have to make sure you contain. A mobile quarterback scares you because he can makes plays that are unscripted so to speak and we know that from experience."

  • With the game only days away, the biggest question on the minds of Arizona fans is whether or not Arizona will be ready.

    "I would like to have another week, but they wouldn't want another day," Rodriguez said of his player. "I could tell yesterday (Monday) they were tired of practicing against each other probably like every college team in America is now."

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