Miller ready for opener

Terrence Miller is ready for his final season opener at Arizona. Read on for his thoughts on his role on the team, NAU, and more.

Wide receiver Terrence Miller is approaching his last opener as an Arizona Wildcat and although he may not know who his quarterback is going to be, the senior does not seem to be too worried about it.

"It doesn't really matter to me," Miller said. "Only one can be on the field at a time, so whoever Coach Rodriguez chooses to be out there is fine with me. I would say that I'm very comfortable with all of our quarterbacks that are in the competition, so whoever gets the job I'm sure will do fine."

Miller is excited about Friday night, but is also being careful to make sure that he and his teammates are not overlooking NAU.

"After being in camp and only playing against each other, it gets boring at times," Miller said. "Now that we're preparing to play other people, I think the excitement at practice has risen a bit. Everybody will be really enthusiastic about going up against NAU.

"I have watched film on them and they're a great team. They have a great defense and an experienced secondary mostly made up of upperclassmen. We really have our job cut out for us this weekend. We have to focus in this week to make sure we're doing everything right and not making any mistakes."

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez plans to play Miller at tight end and has challenged him to step up in numerous ways.

"Coach Rodriguez likes to throw me in a lot of different positions at all times and play out plays that we might not have gone over," he said.

"Knowing that I know my roles and how he likes to scheme the offense at times, he likes to challenge me at times in various positions to challenge myself. Sometimes it's without warning so I know he has confidence in me to get the job done."

With Miller's experience, he has taken more of a leadership role this season and is looking forward to seeing what the younger wide receivers can do.

"I would describe them as young but explosive," Miller said. "Whenever the light clicks on for those guys, it could be this game even, but you never know because this is their first game.

"All of those guys have tools that are different and just because they're not as big as some of the other receivers who have been here in the past, they are explosive players and can go up at any time."

Miller's extra year is not only going to benefit the Wildcats, but it will also give him the opportunity to play in an environment at Arizona Stadium that he has not been in before.

"I really appreciate everything everybody has done in terms of our stadium and our new facility, but at the end of the day the game doesn't change," he said. "We still have to play football, so in my mind I'm not really worried about the extras when the lights come on.

"All these things are nice. I've never seen anything like it in my life and I almost missed this opportunity, so it's definitely a blessing, but once we spot the ball none of that stuff matters."

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