9/4 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Wednesday. Read on for an update on Luca Bruno, why there was a team meeting on Wednesday, and more.

Arizona continues to prepare for its first road game of the season and with no media access on Tuesday, Rich Rodriguez had plenty to say on Wednesday.

  • Rodriguez downplayed the reasoning why he did not let the players talk to the media, but did say that there was a team meeting on Wednesday.

    "We had a good long meeting today, had a team meeting," he said. "I don't have a lot of team meetings too long. I would rather them meet with their position coach, but we had about a half hour one today and got some things straightened out.

    "Our attitude has been good and the effort is good for the most part, but we're really demanding on that. Some coaches believe you shouldn't have to coach effort and playing hard all the time. I'm a little different. I look for it every time in practice. Every time we have a live situation in practice and in games, I want their best."

  • When asked about his first impression of UNLV, Rodriguez was quick to point to how physical the Rebels are.

    "They are a big, physical team," Rodriguez said. "It concerns me that we are so small and we are smaller than everybody we play against pretty much, maybe other than NAU. Size wise, we don't match up, so that is a concern. We better play with great technique."

  • The Arizona head coach has told his squad how they should approach their first road game, but a previous experience could help as well.

    "Because we go out to Ft. Huachuca on the road a little bit, we kind of practiced being on a road trip," Rodriguez said. "Even the home games, we take the travel squad away to the hotel the night before the game.

    "This is a short trip, so it is not that big of a deal, but it is an unfriendly crowd. You have to be prepared for some crowd noise and some adversity, so I have talked quite a bit to them about handling adversity, particularly on the road."

  • Freshman Luca Bruno continues to have Clearinghouse issues and it appears that he may be forced to sit out for the second week in a row.

    "I'm hopeful, but doubtful," Rodriguez said. "I'm more doubtful. That's frustrating because they keep asking for more and more information and I know his dad and our compliance people are getting everything they can, but every time they get something, they want something more. It's really frustrating and I know it is for the kid as well."

  • Although Denker will start, Rodriguez did leave open the option of Javelle Allen seeing more playing time on Saturday.

    "It is kind of by feel," Rodriguez said. "He had a good practice today and he keeps getting better every week, so that is an encouraging sign, as has B.J. and then even Jesse got better today too.

    "We're going to take all three of them and we're going to take Anu Solomon too because Anu is from there. He is still getting a few reps here and there, but Javelle and B.J. are getting most of them and we are still sprinkling Jesse in there too."

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