2015 lineman wants to visit

Newbury Park (Calif.) offensive lineman Zach Okun is one of the top linemen in the west for 2015. Read on to see where Arizona stands, his thoughts on his recruitment, and more.

Newbury Park High School produced one of the better players in Arizona history in Keith Smith and if the Arizona coaches have their way, another Newbury Park player will soon be on campus.

In the meantime, Newbury Park (Calif.) Newbury Park offensive guard Zach Okun has a big game on his mind.

"We got a pretty big game coming up this week against Thousand Oaks," Okun said. "We're all really amped up for this game because we've had our eye on this game since before the season started."

Okun went into this past summer with a specific plan to improve his game.

"It all comes down to conditioning with me," Okun said. "I went into the summer knowing that if I improve my conditioning everything else will improve. It will be easier to get in and out of my stance and stuff like that."

The Arizona coaching staff has taken an extreme liking to Okun's game.

"They send me a ton of stuff," Okun said. "I seriously have gotten like 90 letters from them. I'm not sure how I fit into their offense, but they seem to really like my game and they said I would be a great fit for what they want to do."

Don't be surprised if Okun takes a trip to Arizona sometime this year.

"With all the love they've shown me I want to get down there and see the place for myself," he said. "My recruitment is definitely still in the early stages, but I would like to be able to start comparing places."

Okun is looking for a school with strong team camaraderie.

"I want to go to a place where everyone has fun and gets along," Okun said. "Obviously, I'm going there to play football first, but I want to go to a place where I enjoy hanging out with the guys and some of the coaches off the field."

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