Bondurant stepping up

Tra'Mayne Bondurasnt already has three interception and two touchdowns this season. Read on for why he thinks that is, the difference between last season and this one, and more.

Tra'Mayne Bondurant entered this season with high expectations and if he keeps this pace up, he has a good shot at reaching them.

Bondurant picked up his third interceptions of the season and also has two touchdowns. He credits his focus as being the reason why he has gotten off to a hot start.

"Trying to make plays for the team and reading the quarterback's eyes and focusing on my job and opportunities," Bondurant said. "I'm just trying to take advantage of all of them."

Bondurant's ability to score defensively not only helps his side of the ball, but he believes it increases the offense's confidence as well.

"It's always good when the defense gets a touchdown," he said. "It gives the offense a little jump. Any time we can force turnovers and turn them into touchdowns, it boosts our confidence and gives our offense a lot of momentum. It always feels good to do that."

Of course, the defense also has an easier job when the other side of the ball has the best running back in the country.

"Ka'Deem is Ka'Deem," Bondurant said. "He is one of those players where he can make things happen. Honestly, everybody was anxious and excited to see him run the ball because we hadn't seen him the run ball yet.

"We know he works hard and we just want to keep him with a good head and keep everything straight with him."

Arizona's defense is more aggressive than it was last season, but Bondurant also believes that there is less over-thinking.

"We're just making plays," he said. "Watching film and preparing always gets you ready for the game. Once you know what you have to do, you just go out there and play relentless. Don't think what you have to do, just go and do it. That helps us make plays."

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