Neal's eligibility denied

Arizona has finally been given its answer on Davonte Neal, but will take one more shot at an appeal. Read on to see what Rich Rodriguez has to say about the situation and more.

It may not have been surprising, but the NCAA denying Davonte Neal's eligibility is still disappointing for Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez.

"Right now, he's been denied eligibility," Rodriguez said. "That's a little disappointing, more than a little disappointing.

"I could go into great detail, but I don't want to waste y'all's time on what some of my opinions are on some of the NCAA's rulings. There's another appeal we're going to try to make, but it doesn't look good."

Although it first looked like Rodriguez wouldn't go into detail about his disappointment, he did take a moment to share why he is not optimistic about the whole situation.

"The only thing I'll say about some of the things with the NCAA is they're consistent with being inconsistent," Rodriguez said.

"Now with this last ruling to come down, I'm not overly optimistic about the third appeal being accepted simply because I don't understand some of the inconsistencies of the NCAA."

Rodriguez says that Neal has had a solid attitude about the ordeal and he is looking forward to when he can finally step on the field.

"We're all frustrated by it and disappointed, but Davonte has a great attitude about it and he'll have three years of eligibility left starting next fall," Rodriguez said.

In addition, Neal's effort level has not fallen off in practice and he continues to be a vital part of the scout team.

"At practice, (Neal) has taken ever rep like it's a Super Bowl rep," Rodriguez said. "He's been on scout team and done a great job on scout special teams. He has a super attitude.

"We talked a little last night that it's hard to sit out and all that, but he's been doing everything we've asked him to do. Our scout team wideouts are pretty good with him and Cayleb Jones."

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