Neal staying positive

Davonte Neal is disappointed with the NCAA's decision not to allow him to play this year. However, he is staying positive. Read on for his thoughts on the decision, the current receivers, and more.

Davonte Neal is disappointed that the NCAA will not allow him to play this season, but is staying optimistic about his future.

"I want to thank my coaching staff and the compliance at the University of Arizona for everything they have done for me," Neal recently said. "They did what they could and they tried their hardest, but the decision is what it is."

Neal thought he had a good case to play right away, as he transferred due in large part to an addition to his family.

"I am here for my daughter," he said. "She was born in February and I feel that was a good argument for me to come back and a good reason for me to come back and I still think that is a good reason.

"I thought it was a pretty good chance of me getting cleared, but the NCAA has a different opinion of it. I respect their decision and just have to move forward."

Neal's wait throughout the process may have been the most frustrating aspect of his appeal, but he chose not to focus on it too much.

"I tried not to think about the wait for the simple fact that I am still coming out and playing football every day," Neal said. "I get to do what I love every day."

The Notre Dame transfer knows that he will have a large role in Arizona's offense two years from now, but is not finding time to think about it.

"I am going to finish this year and give my all this year and worry about next year when it comes," he said.

"I am going to just come out to practice and give my 100 percent. Make sure the defense knows what they are doing and give them a great look for the weeks."

Neal has been able to watch the wide receivers in practice and games and has been impressed with the level of competition.

"I like how we all compete," he said. "We know that there are good athletes on the field every second and we know that in order to get that spot, you have to compete and it is going to be really competitive."

Still, the passing game has struggled a bit. The general belief among the players and coaches is that it will eventually come around and Neal is no different in that belief.

"It just needs time for everybody to mesh," Neal said. "I think it is going to get going pretty soon. You never know when B.J. and the receiving core is going to snap. It could be any day now, just have to wait and see."

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