Baucus finding room for improvement

Mickey Baucus may be one of the best linemen in the Pac-12, but there is always room for improvement. Read on for how he is approaching that, his thoughts on the line overall, and more.

Offensive lineman Mickey Baucus has been one of the most consistent linemen Arizona has, but continues to work to improve.

"There is always somewhere you can improve, whether it is technique or in the weight room, everything helps," Baucus said. "Everybody can improve in an area."

Baucus believes the offensive line has done well this season, but also knows that it can perform better.

"We have come together as a group," he said. "Obviously we have done what we need to do to win, but there's still another level we can get to as a group and we expect to get to that level."

The offensive lineman is approaching the bye week with the normal preparation he sees every other week.

"Just try to get better," he said. "It is no different than a game week. We just come out here and practice and we have another week to get ready for a big game, so we are psyched for it."

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez has taken somewhat of a different approach with the bye week, as he has already started focusing on Washington.

"It is not a surprise, especially a game of this magnitude," Baucus said. "We are starting conference play and this is really what we work for.

"We just finished our conference schedule and we are happy to get out of there with three wins. Now it is time to work and we are ready to go work."

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