9/18 Football Notebook

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Wednesday. Read on for an injury update, to see what Rodriguez had to say about Wednesday's practice, and more.

  • Arizona continues to go through its bye week and prepare for Washington, but Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez says that he had to pick up the energy level a bit on Wednesday.

    "It was like pulling teeth today," Rodriguez said. "I think that's the problem. They think it is an off week, but it's really not off because we're practicing. It was warm, it's an open date and they probably did not want to be out here, so we had to get on them early.

    "They got better at the end, but that is probably like every football team in the country. For our guys, we try to appeal to their competitiveness and get them going a little bit."

  • It may not seem possible that Ka'Deem Carey has improved on what he did last season, but Rodriguez says that he has actually seen areas where Carey is better.

    "He's bigger," Rodriguez said. "He is about 10 pounds heavier and I think he is even a little stronger, which a good year in the weight room has done. He's worked hard. He had a good summer and he has worked hard to be bigger and stronger and he might be a little faster too."

  • Arizona has a bit of an unusual schedule, as the Wildcats only play one game from now until October 10.

    "It's not bad," Rodriguez said. "Because we have kind of a semi-bye after this one, I would rather have one later in the year after six or seven games, but that is the way the schedule falls.

    "We should be relatively healthy going into this one, but then we're going to have a long stretch we're going to be keeping our fingers crossed."

  • The bye week allows Rodriguez and Arizona to work on numerous aspects, but the UA head coach also gets a longer look at the younger guys.

    "We do this week," Rodriguez said. "We had a little more extended, what we call, rookie periods. It's not really live, but it is giving them instead of 4,5,or 6 plays, maybe 10 or 12 plays to see what they can do and have a little fun."

  • The Wildcats continue to work to get healthy for Washington and it appears that at least one player will be definitely ready to play.

    "(Dan Pettinato) is full go and ready to go to Washington," Rodriguez said. "He has really done a good job with his rehab. It is another experienced guy and a really good player. Having Dan back is a big key for us I think.

    "(David Richards) had a little bit of a bruise that set him back a little bit, but we are hoping that he will be back by Sunday and still hopeful he can play some next weekend."

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