Phillips working to find consistency

Freshman Nate Phillips has been inconsistent this season and is working to fix that. Read on to see how he is doing that, which teammate has helped him, and more.

Nate Phillips' best game of the season was his three-catch effort against UNLV and he is continuing to work to find consistency.

In order to find that consistency, Phillips is working on focusing on the goal at hand.

"I think it's just being focused," Phillips said. "Knowing your assignments and thinking about the next play and getting the job done on the play that you're running. You don't really hear everybody else.

"Once you come off the field, you may hear them or see them, but when you're on the field you're focused on that play. Everybody else, and the noise and the lights, and all that, you don't really notice it."

Phillips has gotten help from a fellow freshman, as Samajie Grant and he have developed a friendship.

"Both of us are freshmen just coming in and playing, so I mean we are just both new to the system and the younger guys," Phillips said. "We are roommates on the road, so if he has a question on a test or I do we ask each other or we go to Coach Dews or some of the older guys."

As far as the tests go, Phillips says that the receivers will take one each week in order for Dews to see if they are prepared for the upcoming game.

"It is different plays against different defensive formations just to make sure we are sharp," Phillips said. "It is really just to keep you sharp before the game or mid-week against the defenses that the teams we are playing play."

The tests help Phillips work on numerous aspects of his game, including what he says is his current focus.

"Running routes on coverage," Phillips said. "Learning where the holes are, where to stick, where to position myself when running a route, things like that."

As Arizona approaches its first Pac-12 contest of the season, the message for Phillips and his teammates is simple.

"Got to win to be relevant," he win. "Coach Dews says that nobody is talking about us and if you want to be relevant in the Pac-12, you have to win Pac-12 games."

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