Denker ready for Huskies

On Monday, B.J. Denker discussed facing Washington. Read on for his thoughts on the Huskies, Arizona;s offense, and more.

When B.J. Denker met with the media on Monday, the quarterback had a certain edge about him, especially when talking about some of the challenges of the early season.

Denker was asked if he believed the real season started with the Washington game and seemed to take offense to the line of questioning.

"Our season started during week one," Denker said. "There are no pretend games in football, you only get 12. Yes, this is Pac-12 play and we understand this is a bigger deal and this is going to be the best team we will have played.

"We can only play who is put on the schedule, I don't think the normal fan appreciates that if they are I-AA (FCS) or you are a lower tier Division I football team, this game is rough. You can't just go out on the field and expect a victory because somebody will come and smack you in the mouth."

Arizona's passing game has been somewhat non-existent in the first three games, but Denker believes that much of that has to do with the success of the run game.

"I don't think the chemistry was the issue," Denker said. "Most of the reason the numbers weren't so good was because we were running the ball so well. It's not like I don't know what our receivers are going to do.

"It's just being young and not really having to throw the ball every down. We have been working on that since the season started and during this bye week. I feel like it is getting better and as the season progresses, you will see that on the field. "

Denker is prepared to go into the most hostile environment Arizona has seen this season, but actually says he prefers it.

"I have heard a lot of stories about it," he said. "We were talking about it with teammates who played there before. They said it's probably the loudest crowd they've played at.

"I anticipate it being nuts. I personally like playing on the road more than at home for the simple fact that you can silence a crowd. I think that's the craziest thing as a competitor."

The challenge goes beyond the crowd, however, as Denker is also aware that Washington is dangerous defensively for a similar reason as Arizona.

"They have big, tall, athletic corners which is rare," Denker said. "Last year we struggled with corners getting in our face and jamming us up, so that's going to be a test for us.

"They brought a lot of guys back on defense and that is why they are clicking so well. That's why our defense is clicking so well too, because we also have a lot of veteran guys that have a lot of experience."

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