9/24 Football Notebook

On Tuesday, Rich Rodriguez discusses the status of Luca Bruno, how many quarterbacks he will take to Washington, and more. Read on for the latest.

  • There has been plenty of talk about the revenge factor going into Saturday's game between Arizona and Washington. However, Rich Rodriguez does not seem to be buying into the belief that the Huskies will come out more motivated because of what happened last season.

    "I think that is all overrated," Rodriguez said. "Once the ball is snapped, if it helps motivate them in the offseason, that's one thing. For the games, once the ball is kicked off, last year is the last thing on anybody's mind I would think."

  • Washington's first day of classes is on Wednesday and while it may not be the difference between winning and losing, it could be somewhat of an advantage.

    "Probably a little advantage for them up to this point," Rodriguez said. "For the quarter schools that have nothing but football for the first month or so, I do think it probably gives them a little bit of an advantage early in the season.

    "Not a great advantage because you are still only supposed to have 20 hours a week with them, but the players will be more rested going up until this point."

  • The UW defense has been better so far this season and Rodriguez seems to attribute much of that to increased depth.

    "They are very athletic," he said. "They are active. They have different substitution packages where they can bring extra nickel backs in and extra pass rushers and they have the guys they can do that with and they seem to understand their schemes even better this year, so they're doing a good job."

  • At this point, it is unknown how many quarterbacks Rodriguez will take to Washington. As of now, there will be three, but the biggest question revolves around whether or not Jesse Scroggins will make the trip.

    "I usually take three, sometimes four," Rodriguez said. "Nick Isham is both a quarterback and a holder, so if we take four, it'll be because of that, but he might be our third right now too.

    "We have the limit of 70. I wish we had a little bit more because I would like to take 75 guys, maybe not play them all, but I would like to take them."

  • Arizona is still waiting for word on Luca Bruno's status, especially considering that he would be a part of the defensive line rotation.

    "Still waiting for him," Rodriguez said. "It is really frustrating because he would probably be traveling."

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