Carey focused on Huskies

Ka'Deem Carey has raised his intensity with the first Pac-12 game of the season around the corner. Read on to see how he has done that, his thoughts on competing with Bishop Sankey, and more.

Ka'Deem Carey is excited before every Arizona game and even though that is once again the case this week, his excitement has a different feel to it.

"I'm very excited," Carey said. "I can't wait to play Washington. I can't wait to play every team in the Pac-12, but we have Washington first."

Earlier in the week, Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez compared Carey to UW running back Bishop Sankey and Carey seems to be looking forward to the challenge.

"I haven't got to see him play, so I am excited to see him play," Carey said. "Like I said last year, I like to see great backs play in person. Take some style from them if I need to, but I can't wait to see the running backs this year. I can't wait to see the guy from Oregon and I love to go against competition.

"I'm a competitor. This team is competitive, so our defense is going to go out there and try to shut him down and their defense is going to try and do the same to me. I am excited and we will see who comes out on top."

In addition, Arizona is getting ready for its first game in a truly hostile environment and Carey says that Arizona's preparation begins in practice.

"Have a hard week of practice," he said. "Put the speakers on loud and just go out and execute plays. That's what we have to do and just prepare yourself for being in that environment."

In order to succeed in that type of environment, Carey believes that he and his teammates have to be extra focused.

"That is why we come out here and practice," Carey said. "We have to be focused. We have to do everything right and execute plays, so that when we get into that situation that (missing signals) doesn't happen and hopefully it does not cost us that badly."

Although the goal is to approach each game the same, Carey says that he was a little harder on his teammates during Tuesday's practice.

"I was in their ear today," Carey said. "They need to hear that this is the Pac-12 and if we want to go undefeated, we start today. That is what I feel like this team can go and I am not trying to fall short, so I am pushing them to be the best that we can be."

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