Peters addition adds versatility

On Thursday, Arizona found out that Zach Peters will be eligible to play right away. Read on to see what Sean Miller says about what Peters will bring, where he is medically, and more.

When Sean Miller discussed the status of Zach Peters on Wednesday, you could hear the frustration in his voice.

"I think the NCAA has given us four or five deadlines to rule on him," Miller said. "They are 0-5, so I would say when they give us the sixth deadline, they will miss that one too.

"We're anticipating an answer as soon as tomorrow. We anticipated an answer three weeks ago and if you ask me three weeks from now I may say we are anticipating an answer the following week."

As it turns out, Miller only did need to wait that extra day, as Arizona was given the news on Thursday that Peters will be eligible this season.

"Today's news from the NCAA is very exciting for Zach and his family, as well as our basketball program," Miller said in a statement. "There was a lot of effort and cooperation that went into this waiver process. We'd like to thank the NCAA, the University of Kansas and many members of the Arizona Athletics family for their tireless efforts to make this a reality.

"To this point, Zach has participated with us and we're still in the process of him returning to full competition and contact. Zach has made tremendous progress in his time at Arizona, and we're optimistic that with continued improvement, that time will come in the near future."

As Miller met with the media on Wednesday, he mentioned shooting as a concern and said that Peters would go a long way towards fixing that.

"Having Zach Peters eligible and able to play would solve one of the things that I brought up as a concern and the other thing that I love about Zach, having coached him and watched him now, is that he really can shoot the ball and is skilled," Miller said.

It is unknown how many minutes Peters will play this season, but it seems like a foregone conclusion that he will have a role.

"I don't know if Zach is going to be asking to play 37 minutes if he is eligible, but I know that being a contributor, being a member of the rotation, helping us, that would be a solid piece," Miller said.

It is no secret that Peters has had concussion issues and Miller says that he continues to make progress in that area.

"We've moved him to the point where he does everything except for actually getting full court drills, live, physical contact," Miller said.

"I don't want to say it is as much of a precaution as anything. We're just really erring on the side of caution and making sure that every Sunday through Saturday that he continues to make progress and has no symptoms and continues to move in the right direction and so far so good."

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