Rodriguez disappointed in execution

Rich Rodriguez was disappointed in Arizona's execution on Saturday night. Read on to see what specifically, his thoughts on B.J. Denker, and more.

Arizona hung around for most of Saturday's game at Washington, but never could get over the hump as it lost 31-13.

After the game, Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez expressed disappointment in Arizona's overall execution.

"The effort seemed like it was pretty good, but the execution wasn't there all day in certain areas," Rodriguez said. "That was disappointing because we thought our guys were ready to play. I thought they would handle the environment, the weather and all that.

"We just didn't play well at times and our guys understand that. We'll watch the film and as I told the team, everyone has to get better. That includes them and the coaches, myself included."

Much of the discussion after the game has revolved around Arizona quarterback B.J. Denker and Rodriguez says that he must improve going forward.

"Some good and some bad," he said. "There were times he competed really well and there were some egregious errors that he knows better than. It's pretty obvious when you see things and you are like – gosh, you shouldn't do that.

"He's a smart guy though, he'll learn from that. To beat a pretty good football team at their place, you have to play a clean game at every position, but especially at quarterback."

Defensively, Arizona's head coach felt that it was a tale of two halves.

"I thought we played pretty well in the first halfm" Rodriguez said. "In the second half, I didn't think we tackled as well and we didn't get off blocks well.

"I think that was a big part of it, getting off blocks. They broke more tackles in the second half then we had given up all season, I think."

Going forward, Rodriguez will try to find some positives that he can take away from the loss.

"There were moments I think," he said. "The effort and the focus was there whole time. It wasn't like our guys ever panicked.

"It would have been nice when we got the momentum going to get a stop on defense or another big play on offense to get the lead. We never really made them face any adversity. You have to give them credit for that."

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