Jefferson dedicated to defense

Rondae Jefferson is entering Arizona with high expectations. Read on to see why he has become such a good defender, what he knows he must improve, and more.

It's easy to make the case that Rondae Hollis-Jefferson looks as physically imposing a player as any who has donned the Wildcat uniform.

Blessed with an incredibly muscular physique, long arms, and quickness, Hollis-Jefferson looks like a full-grown man already.

But, unlike other elite recruits, Hollis-Jefferson makes his bones excelling at the parts of the game normally confined to role players.

"Defense and keeping everyone involved has always been a huge deal for me," Hollis-Jefferson said. "A lot of guys don't like that part of the game, but it's so important because everything comes from defense.

"We want to get out and get easy buckets and the way we will do that is by turning the other team over."

Hollis-Jefferson's focus on defense came partially out of necessity.

"Growing up with an older brother who weighed more than me, I found out that I needed to take my intensity up a notch because there will always be bigger guys than me," he said.

"I also really wanted to get a lot of playing time in against older guys and the only way I was going to play was by getting after it."

Although unsure if he will start or come off the bench, Hollis-Jefferson doesn't plan on changing his on-court approach.

"One of the things Coach Miller really likes about me is the fact that I can do a little of everything, but with my athleticism I'm just scratching the surface of how good I can be," he said.

To find out just how good Hollis-Jefferson can be, he must improve one part of his game.

"I obviously know that I'm not a very good shooter, but I'm working my butt off to get to that point," he said.

Although every Cat fan hopes Hollis-Jefferson does improve his shooing, it's a bittersweet scenario.

Having mastered the nuances of basketball that come much later to most prospects, a consistent jump shot is likely the only aspect holding Jefferson back from the NBA draft lottery.

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