Freshmen ahead of the curve

Sean Miller has already made it a point to discuss how impressed he has been with the freshmen. Read on to see why that is, what he thinks about team chemistry, and more.

Arizona's incoming freshmen class has had as much hype as any in recent memory. However, Arizona head coach Sean Miller says you would not know it by how those freshmen have entered Arizona.

"In terms of Elliott Pitts, Aaron Gordon, and Rondae Jefferson, the three of the incoming freshmen may be as good of a group as I've seen just being normal," Miller said.

"I say that with the utmost respect. They do what they are told. If an older player tries to teach them or talk to them about something they know through experience, they are very willing listeners."

The attitude of the freshmen has allowed Arizona to quickly develop solid team chemistry.

"Even though we have been together for five weeks now that the school year has begun, we have also been together 6 to 12 weeks this summer," Miller said. "We have a team that really has a great chemistry and a togetherness about them.

"As much as that's about the returning players, it is about the willingness of these freshmen to be great teammates and listen and learn."

It would be understandable if the freshman class came in with large egos, but Miller says that has not been the case.

"They kind of come to Arizona with their ego checked at the door and we haven't played games yet," he said.

"(There are) a lot of factors we haven't faced yet, but we have been together long enough to know that one of the strengths of this year's team is our freshmen attitude.

"It is really refreshing, it is great to see, it is fun to be around, and I think it's really become something that has brought our team close together at this point."

In addition to their attitudes, the freshmen have impressed Miller with how ready they have been defensively.

"Looking at Rondae and Aaron here early on, as exciting as it is to have them as basketball players, they are not like your normal freshmen where they have a lot to learn defensively," Miller said.

"Although they are learning our system, they are both well-versed and I think competitive and they have talent on that side of the ball."

One of the major reasons for the readiness on defense is the fact that they are physically mature.

"No question they will get better as time goes on, but watching them physically they don't look like freshmen," Miller said.

"I think they will be able to help defensively to make us what I hope is our best defensive team that we have had as a coaching staff at Arizona. This season if we can say that, a lot of good things will have happened to us."

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