Pitts has productive summer

Elliott Pitts has already started adding some weight since he first arrived on campus. Read on to find out what he did over the summer, what has been the hardest transition, and more.

Sean Miller and the Arizona Wildcats were on a trip to the Bahamas last summer when Elliott Pitts called and committed.

This summer, Pitts didn't get the pleasure of training in the Bahamas, but he did get to spend the time in Tucson training with his teammates.

"I love it here," Pitts said. "I got here early and got a great jump on my summer workouts. When I hit it full on, it was just really great for me."

Pitts noticed the difference from high school to college almost immediately. He recognized that the game was moving at a much higher pace, even during pick-up games.

"The speed of the game is definitely different," he said. "It is so much faster here from the high school that I played at. The players are faster, the ball moves faster, and the game overall is just faster. That was the hardest thing to transition through."

The speed wasn't the only difference for Pitts. Once he got into the swing of things, he realized that the players were much more advanced.

"I noticed some differences in the workouts and in pick-up games," Pitts said. "Guys are a lot stronger and faster. Some of the things I could do in high school are harder to do at this level because of that."

The shooting guard arrived on campus desperately needing to put on some weight and has started to do that with Arizona's weight program.

"They have me on a great weight program," he said. "They have me on a weights and diets to help me gain muscle and get stronger. I've noticed a big difference already."

So far, Pitts has noticed that he is getting more specific with his muscles and it has began to pay off.

"The best part about the training program is that the weights are specified," Pitts said. "Each lift is designed for a specific muscle and we work on everything. It is much different from what we had in high school."

Another benefit that Pitts looks forward to in the weight room is the training staff, including Chris Rounds.

"Chris Rounds is a great guy," he said. "He is the best at what he does. He can be a funny guy, but when it comes to weights, he can get pretty serious."

Coming into the season, the freshman has just one goal.

"I just have the goal that every team in the NCAA should have," Pitts said. "I want our team to go undefeated and win the National Championship. We are going to do everything in our power to do that."

As practices started this week, Pitts was excited to see how competitive the team got as it began fighting for playing time.

"I'm really excited to see how the intensity turns up when practices start," he said. "I know things have been pretty good during workouts, but practices are a whole different thing. It's where we can all compete as a team."

If and when things get rough throughout the season for Pitts, he knows that he will have a mentor. One of the upperclassmen has already helped him out over the summer.

"Mostly, T.J. McConnell has been the main guy to work with me," Pitts said. "If I'm ever doing anything wrong or need to make an adjustment, he is the one to help me out. He knows what he is talking about for the most part and he has helped a lot.

"If I'm having a bad shooting day, he will come and talk to me about staying focused and thinking about the next shot instead of the one I just missed."

Having an older mentor on the team is just one sign of the good things to come. Pitts also believes that the team has already bonded over the summer.

"This team is really tight and bonding isn't really an issue," he said. "I've spent time bonding with all of them.

"We had a lot of fun over the summer with workouts and hanging out, but now is time to get focused on the season."

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