10/1 Football Notebook

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Tuesday to discuss the play of B.J. Denker, how he will prepare for USC's offense, and more.

  • Looking back on the game film from Washington, Rich Rodriguez felt he could have made more defensive rotations.

    "I told the team one thing we did that I think was a mistake is that we as coaches didn't play enough guys," Rodriguez said.

    "We just didn't have enough confidence, particularly defensively, to put some guys in there and we've got to force ourselves to do that and they in turn have to show us in practice that we can trust them if we put them in there."

  • In addition, Rodriguez analyzed how B.J. Denker performed and met with him on Sunday.

    "I don't know of one thing in particular, I think there are a lot of things I think he can take from it," Rodriguez said. "He is conscientious.

    "We had a long meeting Sunday and watched the film together and he is a smart guy. He can make better decisions in both the run and the pass game and that is one thing we can correct in a hurry. I think B.J. will do that. He had a good practice today."

  • With the firing of USC head coach Lane Kiffin, the Trojans' offense is now more difficult for Arizona to prepare for.

    "I think defensively we have an idea," Rodriguez said. "They are going to keep the same defensive coordinator and he is hard to prepare for anyway because he does a lot of different things.

    "Offensively it is a bit more of an unknown. They may not change a whole lot because it is just 10 days, but at the same time they may change everything. Defensively we have to be prepared for a little bit of everything I think."

  • Arizona's quarterback may face plenty of criticism, but Rodriguez believes he has to do a better job of getting other players involved.

    "We're doing a lot with Terrence Miller playing tight end and inside the slot and outside," he said. "Sometimes I am worried if we are doing too much. He has been able to handle it mentally and physically he has held up pretty good.

    "Garic Wharton has been okay, but he is one of our fastest guys, so we have got to try to get the ball to him a little bit more too."

  • Jake Fischer left the UW game with an ankle injury, but there is optimism he will be back for USC.

    "I think he is getting better every day," Rodriguez said. "I don't know if he will practice tomorrow or Thursday, but we're optimistic he should be okay."

  • The Washington game was the first of the season for wide receiver David Richards and he continues to work on his conditioning.

    "I think he will get better each and every day as he gets reps in practice, because really we rely on our practice to get our conditioning in," Rodriguez said.

    "You can train all you want with a yellow or green jersey on, it is not the same as taking live reps in practice, so he will get a lot more in the next ten days."

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