10/2 Football Notebook

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Wednesday to discuss the status of Luca Bruno, quarterback reps, and much more. Read on for the latest.

  • With the bye week, Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez does not plan to change the amount of reps that each quarterback takes.

    "The first and second group get the same amount of reps always," Rodriguez said. "It is usually four and four, so we don't really have to adjust anything.

    "The hardest thing is if you are trying to get a third guy or a fourth guy evaluated, how do you go and get him reps?

    "In a week like this week, we will rep the third group a little bit more and get some more of the reps with the third guy, so that's what's usually hard. Our ones and twos get the same amount of reps at every position."

  • When talking about passing accuracy, Rodriguez obviously expects better than what Arizona produced against Washington.

    "When you throw a lot of quick passes and screens and things like that, you ought to be throwing at least 60 percent, if not 65 percent," he said. "I think that is why everybody's percentage is higher now because everybody is throwing those short, quick throws.

    "If you are not there, you are not catching it well, not throwing it well, or simply not executing. That's been a point of emphasis. In practice, we throw it more than we run it because we need to work on it."

  • Scooby Wright has been one of the most impressive players on defense and much of that has to do with how fast he has learned.

    "We knew it when we signed him, but we didn't know how quickly he was going to learn, particularly as a freshman," Rodriguez said.

    "If anything, we will slow his progress down as far as the learning curve is, but he has a natural feel for it and he's a really good football player. He hasn't even touched the ceiling yet."

  • Much of the fan debate surrounding the USC game is based on whether or not the Trojans will come out extra motivated due to the coaching change. Count Rodriguez as somebody that believes they will.

    "I haven't researched all the ones, but it happened here when Mike got let go," he said. "That first game, particularly if there is an open date, there seems to be a little bit.

    "I don't know if they have a chip on their shoulder, if they are energized, or if they feel lose, whatever it is, but I think we will get their best shot."

  • In last season's game against USC, Marqise Lee put up video game numbers. What's the key to Arizona containing him this season?

    "Him not coming out of the locker room," Rodriguez joked. "Our strategy last year was to let him get so many yards that he cramped up, so after he got about a half a mile he had to go out for a play to loosen his cramps. That's all we did last year. That was a horror show for us defensively."

  • The Wildcats have numerous players from the Los Angeles area and they will likely come out with a little extra motivation because of it.

    "I think probably a little bit," Rodriguez said. "If you ask if guys are motivated because they didn't get recruited by them, that's 99.9 percent of the team.

    "I think we got one guy or two guys that got offered by them. Last year I asked the team, three guys raised their hand and said they got recruited and two of them were lying, so we had one guy."

  • Arizona is awaiting approval for Luca Bruno, but the longer weight could cause him to miss the season.

    "Still waiting and it is really frustrating," Rodriguez said. "All of the paperwork that the high school is supposed to send is in, so the appeal or whatever we are supposed to do is waiting in the hands of the clearinghouse.

    "He hasn't practiced in a month. It may take him two, three weeks just to get ready now, so there's no question about that."

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