Flowers can relate to USC situation

Marquis Flowers underwent a coaching change at Arizona. Read on for his thoughts on what USC is going through, how Arizona will react, and more.

As USC begins its search for a new head coach, at least one current Arizona player can relate. In fact, Marquis Flowers was recruited out of high school by USC and heavily considered the Trojans.

However, that does not mean that he takes time to look back on his decision and wonder what would have been had he made a different one.

"I don't reflect," Flowers said. "Obviously they are going through some times and we can relate to that. They still have some players on their team, so this is not going to be an easy game. We're just trying to come out here and work and get ready to have a good game on Thursday."

The Thursday game calls for somewhat of an unusual schedule, but Flowers does not see any negatives with it.

"I like it as long as like Coach Rod said, as long as we get the same amount of time as the other team," Flowers said. "We had a bye week and they had a bye week. It is fair and we are playing on national television in the Coliseum, so it does not get better than that."

Flowers has gone over the film from this past Saturday's game against Washington and was not happy with what he saw.

"I thought defensively we made mistakes," he said. "I was pretty much mad at myself. I am not going to speak on my teammates, but as for me, I thought I did not get off blocks good enough and made a lot of mental mistakes.

"I am going to take a lot of the blame because I feel I did not play well enough. I did not execute well enough and I feel like I let my team down on some plays. On long drives like you have to get off the field on third down and if you don't, that's what happens."

One of the common thoughts that comes up when there is a head coaching change is that the team going through it will come out with extra motivation. Flowers does not necessarily disagree with that belief, but says that it is up to him and the other seniors to make sure the Wildcats are ready.

"Not everybody was here when it happened with us," he said. "This is where senior leadership comes in. We're going to let the guys know that you do come out and play the next game. They aren't just going to lie down. They aren't going to give up on their season. They are going to come out and try to win it."

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