Tuihalamaka motivated against USC

Defensive lineman Sione Tuihalamaka is facing USC with extra motivation. Read on to see why, his thoughts on the Trojans' offense, and more.

Sione Tuihalamaka is approaching his final game against USC and does not hide the fact that he has some extra motivation.

"Yeah, especially because that is home," Tuihalamaka said. "I am from L.A. It motivates me being home and I want to play for my family that is going to be watching me. I feel like it makes you play a little harder, but you should play hard every game. It is just a blessing."

Tuihalamaka paid close attention to USC as he was growing up, but that all changed when he signed with Arizona.

"I was a SC fan and then I came home and I Bear Down and I am an Arizona guy now, so that's just an opponent," he said.

USC's style of offense poses its own unique challenge and it grew with the firing of Lane Kiffin, as the defense is unsure of what the Trojans will present offensively.

"I wouldn't say it is harder, it is more fun," Tuihalamaka said of USC's pro-style offense. "We're in the trenches and we have to grind and do all the stuff people don't see. It is fun to us, but I don't see it as being harder.

"I feel like it is up in the air, but we are still going to watch film and see what they did last year and this year. Even though they lost their coaches, we know they are still going to play."

As Tuihalamaka takes a look at how the defensive line has played this season, he still believes that it has a ways to go before it reaches its potential.

"I feel like we have been doing well, but we could do way better," he said. "We have a lot of room for improvement, so we have to come out every day and work on it.

"Last year we did okay. It was our first year in the defense, but this year we are more confident and more experienced. I feel that allows us to get after it more."

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