10/6 Football Notebook

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Sunday to discuss USC's defense, Javelle Allen's strengths, and more.

  • Arizona has a different practice schedule due to the game this week being on a Thursday.

    "Today was a Tuesday practice, so we had a good meeting," Rodriguez said. "They got a lift in today and it was a good practice.

    "I think they should be excited to play, but as I told them, we'll get their very best football. As well as they have played at times this year, we will get their best effort and best game Thursday night. I am convinced of that."

  • The Wildcats continue to work on getting healthy and wide receiver David Richards appears to be making progress.

    "He is getting a few more reps than he did last week in practice," Rodriguez said. "Trying to get him into game shape. We are hoping he will play a little bit more Thursday night than he did last week as well."

  • Although there are numerous similarities between B.J. Denker and Javelle Allen, Rodriguez says that Allen is actually better on the ground.

    "He's probably the best runner we've got," he said. "He's the biggest quarterback we've got and he is probably the best runner of the whole group. He's can make all the throws, he just does not have all the experience yet."

  • Arizona wants to increase its defensive rotation, but the coaching staff feels it is still a few years from being where it would like to be.

    "I think that is part of the problem, that we don't feel as comfortable with some of the other guys to get the rotation we want," Rodriguez said.

    "Frankly, we're not going to be there for another year or two in recruiting to where it's truly a 22, 23-man rotation. We're not there right now, but we have more available than we did a year ago, that's for sure."

  • After last year's victory over USC, many felt that it was a program-changing victory. However, Rodriguez down played that idea on Sunday.

    "That's for other people to decide," he said. "Any time you can beat a ranked team with the tradition of USC and the talent that have, I think it was a great moment for us. The true defining moments come when you win a championship."

  • Despite the fact that the Trojans struggled against Arizona State, Rodriguez feels that they still have a strong defense.

    "They are just as talented as everybody in our league without question," Rodriguez said. "They have several guys on their front that will be first day picks, probably first round picks.

    "They may not be as deep as they want to be, but when I look out there I see 11 dudes that can go."

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