Carey recognizes USC challenge

Ka'Deem Carey knows that defeating USC will beat difficult. Read on to see his mentality going into the game, what attitude he thinks the Trojans will have, and more.

Arizona running back Ka'Deem Carey knows that USC will pose a major challenge on Thursday and believes that the preparation for the Trojans starts as soon as he and his teammates begin practice.

"Just go out and execute," Carey said. "Work hard. We have to get prepared mentally and physically when we step on this field, so we just have to work."

One of the biggest challenges USC shows on defense is its size and Carey believes the best way to counter that is to get off to a fast start.

"They're athletic," he said. "They're SC. They are physical, they're big, they're SC. I feel like we just honestly have to play our football, go fast, and hit them in the mouth early."

As strong of a season as Carey had last year, the running back may be actually more prepared to face USC this season.

"I feel like I got more physical," he said. "The weight that I put on makes me the back that I am now, accepting the 30 carries and taking that toll and taking that hit and being more of a power back.

"I am looking to get out into space now and show that I can do a lot more out into space with screens and catching the ball too."

Carey has gone through a similar situation that USC is going through and believes that the Trojans will come out with a new energy.

"It felt like we came together as a team," Carey said. "That is why we have to watch out for USC. They're losing a coach. That's when teams come together and have nothing to lose. I feel like they are going to think they are a different team, so we can't let that happen."

How does Carey and the rest of the Wildcats plan on stopping it?

"We just have to come out banging at the beginning," he said. "You can't let them get too energized. We have to go out early and show they are the same team and nothing has changed."

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