Andre Iguodala has five schools

Andre Iguodala is a target recruit for five schools and after his preformance during the July summer camps many more wish they were involved. He has a favorite, but says it's a close call.

I spoke with Andre Iguodale, the 6-5 wing from Springfield (Lamphier), Ill. Iguodala is a national Top 50 player and a target recruit of five schools.

"Not too much has changed," Iguodale said "I still like Arizona, Arkansas and Boston College."

Althouugh Iguodala is considering schools from the East Coast to the Far West, he said distance from home is not a factor. He simply wants to play for a coach who prescribes to his style of play. He also said Kansas and Maryland are still in the running.

"I like Arkansas' style of play," he said. "They get up and down the court and every team in the Southeast Conference likes to run."

But Iguodala also has some concerns about playing for the Razorbacks and says he'll address those issues when Head Coach Nolan Richardson makes his in-home visit.

"(Arkansas) has about four player who are exactly my size," he said. "They might have enough players at my postion."

With a National Championship in 1997, Arizona has earned a place among the nation's top basketball programs. Arkansas won a National Championship in 1994 and belongs in the same company. But the Razorbacks have slipped recently and are not always mentioned with the Wildcats, Duke, North Carolina and Kentucky.

"I think if Arkansas can get a good team together they can make a run," Iguodala said. "A lot of teams have had down years and they come back up."

So, what's the attraction to Boston College? It's never really been considered a powerhouse of college hoops.

"(Boston College) has a great coach, real cool," Iguodala said. "They've been recruiting me for a long time and treated me real well. I don't think anybody really knows too much about them and they'll surprise a whole lot of people. And the good thing about going to school there is not too many people know about them and you can put your name on the map."

One other attaction to Boston College is that BC is also recruiting Igoudala's brother Frank who plays for Lakeland (JS), Fla.

Iguodala said he likes all three schools and it would be difficult to say which is the favorite at this time.

"The Big East has the most competition and everyone in the Southeast Conference likes to run," he said. "The Pac-10 has some real good teams, then they have a lot of teams that are kind of even. But Arizona is probably the favorite and Arkansas is second."

However, he did say things could change after he's taken his campus visits.

"I have all of my campus visits set," he said. "I want to see how the player act with each other, if they get along and if they're mature. And I'm looking for a coach who has a real good relationship with the families, not a coach who just says 'hi and bye' to his players and really doesn't interact with them."

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