Miller continues to work hard

Terrence Miller finally had a breakout game this season for the Wildcats. Read on to find out his thoughts on the USC game, B.J. Denker, and more.

While the passing attack came alive for Arizona on Thursday night, it was too little, too late for the Wildcats to beat the USC Trojans.

Along with the passing attack emerging for the first time this season, senior receiver Terrence Miller also had a breakout game of his own with six catches for 76 yards.

Even though it was Miller's best performance of the season, he noticed that his team broke down at one point, only to build back up again in order to rally from a three-touchdown deficit.

"We just need to hurry up and get a win," Miller said. "I saw a lot of guys that were afraid to lose against USC. All we talk about here is competing and competing and competing.

"They got up on us and a lot of our guys got down on ourselves. At the end of the day, we hate losing, so we just gave it our all."

Miller's six catches were the most since he caught six balls in the season opener last season. He had only had three catches all season up to that point, but he claims he didn't do anything different during the game.

"I didn't do much differently against USC," Miller said. "I always try to run my routes hard and catch everything that is thrown my way.

"I think it was just a matter of us throwing the ball more and having the opportunities to grab more passes."

One of the things that did change was quarterback B.J. Denker. Denker threw 44 passes in the game, a career-high, and that could lead to improved numbers moving forward in the season.

"Confidence was the biggest change for B.J." he said. "It was a big deal because the coaches just kind of let him go and unleashed him. The receivers did their best job by running good routes and getting open for him."

Miller believes that the confidence Denker and his teammates carried in the fourth quarter will carry over to the game against Utah and onward throughout the rest of the games.

"I expect the confidence to carry over into the game with the Utes," Miller said. "We played well in that fourth quarter and I expect big things from us.

"We will always pay hard no matter what opponent is on the field, but we really want to win this one."

Miller's performance was one of the better ones of his career. It was a relieving effort for the senior, who came into the season expecting to be one of the go-to players on the offense.

"It felt good to know that we were spreading the ball around more," Miller said. "I think we had six or seven guys who caught balls and that shows me the depth that we have.

"It was a good feeling for me personally because I came into the season expecting to do more than I have and it was good to finally play at the level I have wanted to all season."

During the game, Miller was one of seven receivers that caught at least two balls. He believes that the spreading of the wealth shows how potent the offense can be.

"Having that many guys catch balls just shows how good out offense can be," he said. "At any given time, any one of our guys can beat you.

"It can be multiple guys catching passes or one guy catching 10 to 12 passes. It just depends on who the quarterback decides to throw the ball to."

One of the reasons that Denker was so successful against USC was his ability to throw over the top on deep routes. It was something that Miller noted when speaking about the offensive opportunities.

"(Denker) is a good quarterback and has a nice arm," he said. "It opens up the field more when he throws down the field and it gives us more opportunities. I was on the sidelines for a couple of drives and saw how it helped the team."

Miller's performance was also aided by his fellow teammate David Richards, who returned just two games ago from a foot injury. The tight end believes that Richards' return has taken some of the defensive attention off of him.

"Having David Richards back has actually taken some of the pressure off of me," he said. "When we go with a smaller lineup, the defense may want to focus on me because of I'm the biggest guy out there.

"Now with him back, he is another big body in the lineup and the defenses have to look at both of us when they try to defend."

The senior receiver was also quick to praise two freshmen that have been standing out for the Wildcats this season.

"Nate (Phillips) and Samajie (Grant) are really good teammates," Miller said. "Those two guys are always working hard and trying to compete. They go hard every play, even during the summer time. It is no surprise to me that they are both playing well."

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