10/16 Football Notebook

Arizona plays Utah on Saturday. Read on for an injury update on Jared Tevis, Rodriguez's thoughts on JC recruiting, and more.

  • Utah is coming off of a big win against Stanford and one of the natural reactions would be to believe that the Utes would have a letdown. However, Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez does not believe that will be the case with Utah.

    "With a veteran team not as much," Rodriguez said of a letdown. "I think if you have a younger team it is harder because they get up and down a little bit, but a veteran team comes ready to play all the time. As a coach, you find it hard not to get up for 12 regular season games and hopefully play a 13th and 14th, but kids' emotions sometimes baffle me.

    "A veteran team is a little easier because they understand the importance of each one and how they have to come out of the gates."

  • Rodriguez has pointed numerous times to Utah having older players and he has his own philosophy when it comes to recruiting JC players.

    "It is a little bit different, I think some of their older guys are because of their missions," he said. "I think there are certain years you will take more JC guys, maybe for our five or maybe six, that's a lot in one particular year. In order to get your numbers right and develop them the way you want, you really want most of your team to be four year, five year development guys.

    "A lot of times you can fill an immediate gap with a JC guy. We have only taken a few, this upcoming year we may take a few more just to fill some immediate needs."

  • Numerous Wildcats are working through injury issues, including Jared Tevis, who appears may not play on Saturday.

    "Tevis has got a knee issue," Rodriguez said. "He is questionable for Saturday. He's a tough guy that will play through about anything, but this one may be another week."

  • If Tevis is unable to go, Will Parks will step in his place. Although he has not played much, Rodriguez is confident in his ability.

    "He's really athletic," Rodriguez said. "He is one of the most athletic guys on defense. If he wasn't playing defensive back, he could probably get some time for us as a wide receiver. He is still learning. He's a young guy. He has played mostly just special teams, but he has been in on a lot of the nickel packages."

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