Richards glad to be back

Wide receiver David Richards feels completely healed. Read on for his thoughts on his return, health, and more.

David Richards played his first game of the season against Washington, but it was not until the USC game that he made an impact.

Now, Richards feels like he can contribute on a consistent basis and will build off his recent performance.

"I felt a lot better playing out there," Richards said. "I wasn't thinking about it as much and I was 100 percent out there. I can tell even from the practice on Sunday that my foot is feeling a lot better and I feel like I am going to do a lot better than in the Washington game."

Richards feels that his effort into making his foot better has paid off and he believes he is now fully healed.

"I would say it is completely healthy," Richards said. "I broke it in spring and I basically did the same thing right before camp started. I have to make sure I am in the training room every day just making sure I am not forgetting about it and doing the little stuff to keep it healthy."

One teammate in particular made it easier for Richards to get over the injury and keep his head up.

"It was tough trying to stay positive the whole time," he said. "Being with Austin Hill during camp and just catching balls kept me in spirits, but I was waiting to go back out there and have it feel 100 percent again."

Arizona had arguably its best offensive game of the season against USC and Richards attributes much of it due to an increased level of confidence.

"I think we had a lot of confidence and B.J. was playing great and we just made plays," Richards said. "I think Utah is a great team. We have to focus on them, but we just have to make sure we are doing what we have to do, completing passes and doing the little stuff."

Now that the offense is possibly on track and Richards is contributing, he feels the best he has felt in months.

"It feels so good that I am able to just go out there and not have to worry," he said. "I can just run routes and do everything and not have to worry about cutting a certain way with it hurting and just feel good."

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