Carey running hungry

Ka'Deem Carey has been running different from last season. Read on to see why that is the case, his thoughts on Utah, and more.

Ka'Deem Carey is putting up relatively similar numbers to last season, but there seems to be a difference in his running.

In fact, you can make the argument that Carey is running harder than ever and he feels it is necessary for the Wildcats to succeed.

"I feel like this team needs it," Carey said. "When they see somebody out there busting their head and playing for the team, I feel like it gives us some extra motivation even when things aren't going our way.

"I love to play that way. I love to punish teams. They are out there punishing me, so why accept the hit when I can deliver the hit."

In addition, Carey has noticed how teams are defending him, so he is running with more intensity.

"Run hungry," Carey said. "I know they are playing eight in the box. I know they are trying to contain, but I know they can't contain the hunger that I have. When I step on the field I know I want to make it count every time I touch the ball."

Against USC, Carey's job became a bit easier later in the game as quarterback B.J. Denker started to have more success in the air.

"It impacts me a lot and this team," Carey said of the passing game. "I feel like him throwing down the field makes it exciting to see what happens because they now they are going to see we have a threat down the field.

"Towards the end of the game that is when I got a bust, so I feel like it is going to spread it out a little bit and maybe take another person out of the box."

Arizona has another challenge this week when it takes on a Utah team that defeated Stanford last weekend.

"They play with heart," Carey said. "They're not always talked about. They're not always a Stanford or a Washington. They play ball and they play hard too. They're physical."

Thankfully for Arizona, it returns home after being on the road for its past two games.

"I am so excited," Carey said. "The fans and this state need it. We need to get out here and have fun and run around. We had a great practice today and I am excited to show Tucson what we are about."

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