Baucus working for consistency

Mickey Baucus and the offensive line continue to work for consistency. Read on to see how it is doing that, how Baucus believes Arizona has performed so far, and more.

Arizona's offensive line continues to improve throughout the season and now that the Utah win is behind it, the focus has turned to Colorado.

"Same as we always do," Mickey Baucus said of preparation for Colorado. "There are always multiple aspects that we need to improve on, so we need to come out and compete in practice. That's really all we can do. We'll just focus on Colorado and nothing else."

The Wildcats dominated last year's game at home against Colorado, but it will not be talked about much this week.

"They're a much improved team from last year," Baucus said of Colorado. "We're not thinking, ‘We had a big day last year,' we're thinking about what we can do to get ourselves better and have another big day this year."

Baucus has been one of the more consistent linemen on Arizona and he attributes it to his focus on each game.

"I've just been focusing on the here and now," he said. "You can't look ahead to big games. You just have to be focused on the day and, specifically, the next play. I focus on what's ahead of me and work on getting better at something every day. That's how we work."

Still, the offensive line as a whole has room to improve and the players and coaches are not content with its play.

"Everybody has something different," Baucus said. "Whether it's learning the playbook a little better, something technique wise, conditioning or learning to play faster, we all have something different.

"There's always something we can improve on. For me it may be something technical, for Chris (Putton), he may have his other thing. It's different for everybody, but we can all improve."

That improvement is helped by conditioning, but even the best conditioned players could have difficulty with seven straight games with no bye weeks.

"It's big," Baucus said of staying healthy. "Any little thing we can do to improve our performance is big, getting in the ice tubs, getting enough sleep. It all factors into how we play on Saturdays. All the little things help us win."

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