10/22 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Tuesday. Read on for his thoughts on Tuesday's practice, Tevin Hood, and more.

  • Colorado is now working with a true freshman quarterback in Sefo Liufau, who has gotten off to a decent start.

    "He looked pretty comfortable," Rich Rodriguez said. "They ran the ball well and they were in manageable situations it seemed like the whole game.

    "He played with a lot of confidence, made some nice throws, threw the ball in some tight winds and played pretty well I thought."

  • The Buffs are rebuilding and although it may not have been to the same extent, Rodriguez is going through a similar process at Arizona.

    "For our program, I don't know," he said of the honeymoon process. "Usually the honeymoon just lasts one game. If you win or lose, you find out a whole lot more about your team. Sometimes you're lucky and you walk into a situation where you've got a lot of great athletes and veterans returning and you win them all. Most people don't.

    "That's usually why there is a coaching change. I think the first thing you have to establish is the kind of attitude you want in the program and you hope to get that done in the first year. I thought we got that done in less than the first year."

  • Ka'Deem Carey will get a lot of credit for Saturday's performance against Utah, but the offensive line deserves it as well.

    "I thought it showed up more in the first half in the drives we were going fast with when they were begging to go faster," Rodriguez said. "If they're breathing hard and hurting, they aren't asking to go faster.

    "So when they almost to a man are coming off the sidelines saying the tempo is big for us, let's go faster, that tells you that they feel pretty confident in their conditioning."

  • There is usually one day per week when the focus is greater than the others. For Arizona, that day is Tuesday.

    "Tuesday is the most important practice that we have," Rodriguez said. "Wednesday is important, just slightly less. Thursday is more mental and Friday we don't do anything.

    "I have had really good Tuesday practices and stunk on Saturday. Most of the time if you have a good Tuesday and Wednesday, it is usually followed by a pretty good Thursday and then Saturday you're sharp."

  • Tevin Hood has been one of the best players on the defensive line, but Rodriguez says he continues to battle injury.

    "He's kind of the anchor in the middle," he said. "He has tendonitis in his knees, he has different ailments in his shoulder, back whatever. Tevin is a tough guy. He has been great against the run. We have to get more push against the pass, but he's been really good against the run."

  • Rodriguez continues to say that he would like to increase the rotation on defense and he has a few position units in mind.

    "Everybody in the back end in defense, the back eight is probably playing too many snaps, the linebackers and defensive backs," Rodriguez said.

    "On offense, the receivers have had a pretty good rotation, but the O-line we haven't. We're really at a six man rotation. I would like to get that to eight."

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