Michalczik wants competition

Jim Michalczik knows that the offensive line has been successful this season, but sees room for improvement. Read on to see why that is, what he looks for in a prospect, and more.

Arizona offensive line coach Jim Michalczik knows that the line has been performing well for the most part, but also makes sure that the players know their jobs are always up for grabs.

"This program is about competition," Michalczik said. "It is about competing on the practice field every day.

"I told them a long time ago, we're going to put the five best guys on the field and it is your job to prove you are the best guy every day. What you did last week, last year doesn't matter. It is what you do today."

One of the biggest adjustments that the linemen are continuing to work on is the speed of Arizona's offense. In order for that to happen, Michalczik believes the line has to practice fast.

"I think it is the way you practice," he said. "It is like all of us. We all have certain speeds we do things and if we get in an environment we have to do something faster, we adapt.

"The first day we get in that environment it is like, holy smokes that is crazy, but after a while that becomes the norm."

The players are not the only ones learning, as Michalczik has brief experience with the type of offense the Wildcats run.

"We were going to do some of it last year and as the season got going we had injuries and got away from it," he said. "We had studied it, we had implemented it, we just didn't kind of carry through on it.

"It was more last year, but I am learning Coach Rod's offense and there is a little more complexity in it than people see. It has been fun to learn."

The success of the offensive line goes beyond technique, as conditioning is important as well.

"I think it is something we are always working on," Michalczik said. "I think we are in better condition. but we are not in as good of a condition as we can be. I think that is something that you develop and I still think we can get better at it."

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