Carey remaining humble

Ka'Deem Carey may be the best running back in the country. Read on to see how that has effected his attitude, what he remembers from last year's Colorado game, and more.

You can make an easy argument that Ka'Deem Carey is the best running back in the country.

However, he has not let that popular opinion go to his head, especially after he battled some off-season controversy.

"He had some issues in the off-season, which he has worked hard in the last six or seven months to rectify," Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez said. "Coach Magee has dealt with a lot of really good backs just like Ka'Deem and has a really great way with him."

Despite winning awards and receiving praise, Rodriguez says that Carey continues to put his team first.

"As much as individual accolades and all that is important, I am sure his family is proud of him as they should be, he is still a great team guy," he said.

"You see him daily around his teammates and how happy he is when the other running backs have success or something like that, and he is all in for Arizona, which is really nice."

When discussing his success this season, Carey is quick to point out how much the offensive line has helped with his success.

"This is a great team," Carey said. "We are just starting to put things together. I just want this town to be behind us this year because I feel like this is a special team. If we can put together the pieces of the puzzle, this could be a magical team."

Carey's focus this week is on a Colorado team that he torched for 366 yards and five touchdowns last season.

"A lot of running," Carey said of what he remembers from that game. "There was a lot of running that game. The holes were big and the line did their job.

"Everybody playing their role. It was a good game of execution for the line, for me, the quarterback, for the team. We did a good job."

In order to have similar success, it all starts with a good week of practice.

"It is very important, especially after seeing what happened last week," Carey said. "We had a great Tuesday practice and I felt wonderful after that practice.

"I felt like the team needed it, we kind of found ourselves and we had a good practice today. We just want to keep things moving."

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