10/23 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez met with the media on Wednesday. Read on to see who will return punts against Colorado, his thoughts on Arizona's depth, and more.

  • Arizona continues to prepare for Colorado and Wednesday was another successful practice.

    "It was pretty good," Rich Rodriguez said of Wednesday's practice. "I thought yesterday was okay. Tuesdays are always good because we have been scrimmaging about ten minutes with the young guys every Tuesday and that always livens it up a little bit, but today was pretty solid."

  • Michael Adkins has emerged as Colorado's running back and he seems to be a familiar face to the UA coaching staff.

    "We liked him in the recruiting process," Rodriguez said. "He's a quick guy, runs hard, and I think he is playing really well for them."

  • Tra'Mayne Bondurant remains questionable for Saturday, but Rodriguez is confident in Anthony Lopez has his replacement.

    "I think he was probably a little nervous at first, which is to be expected," Rodriguez said. "He got settled in a little bit and played a pretty solid game. He was on special teams too, he was playing a lot and then we finally gave him a break on special teams. I don't know if Tra'Mayne is going to go or not, but if not we can count on Anthony."

  • Arizona continues to try to play more guys, but Rodriguez says depth is going to have to be addressed through recruiting.

    "We're deeper, but not as deep as I guess we need to be and that we will be," he said. "The competition is better at every position, but it's going to be a whole lot better in the next couple years. Ideally we would have 22 playing on defense, 22 or 23, on almost an equal number of reps and then probably 18-20 on offense.

    "We are probably at 15 on defense and really we are just rotating the guys up front and then offensively we're probably around 16 or 17. If the guys here return and develop the way we think and then the recruiting class shapes up like we think, we'll be a whole lot closer to that number next year."

  • Colorado's coaching staff has said it wants to ease freshman quarterback Sefo Liufau into the game plan and Rodriguez does not seem surprised by that.

    "If he's your best guy, you have to run your best stuff," he said. "You have to make sure he knows everything you are doing, but I think most coaches are simplifying things these days anyway so they can get not just the quarterbacks, but the receivers and everyone ready to play."

  • After Johnny Jackson muffed a punt against Utah, Nate Phillips took his place. On Saturday, Phillips will have an opportunity to keep that job.

    "We will probably start with Nate Phillips as the first guy and then we have other guys, Johnny and Richard Morrison and Samajie Grant, so we have a few others," Rodriguez said. "They have caught the ball well in practice, they just have to do it in a game."

  • Up until this point, Rodriguez has been happy with the way Arizona has reacted to the Utah win and prepared for Colorado.

    "The only way I can judge is by their actions and their actions so far in practice have been good, but it's the same way every week for us in that regard," Rodriguez said.

    "We talk about staying hungry and staying humble all the time anyway. We're not undefeated and beating everybody by 40 points, so we're a team that just has to be resilient and go play our tails off."

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