Caponi happy with Lopez, Parks

Safeties coach Matt Caponi is happy with how Anthony Lopez and Will Parks filled in on Saturday. Read on for his detailed thoughts on how they played, their routes to getting there, and more.

Safeties coach Matt Caponi had arguably his biggest challenge of the season this past weekend when Jared Tevis did not play and Tra'Mayne Bondurant was forced to leave with an injury.

Looking back at the game, Caponi believes that both Anthony Lopez and Will Parks were successful in replacing the injured starters.

"They did a pretty good job," Caponi said. "They got stronger as the game went on. A little bit was the nerves. Will has had a lot more action, especially on third down, the first few games more than Anthony has.

"He reacted well in the beginning of the game and progressively got better as the game went on. Anthony you could tell was nervous on the first couple of snaps as far as just getting thrown into the fire. I thought he did a pretty good job as well."

Although Parks and Lopez took different routes to their playing time, Caponi does not believe that the difference effected how they played.

"Whether you are a starter, back up, or third strong guy, we try to prepare everyone the same," Caponi said. "Obviously with the second team and third team guys they have to do a little bit more mental preparation out of practice and in the film room just because they are not getting as many reps.

"Will got the most of the reps during practice, which helped him, but Anthony is a smart kid and a big time effort guy just the way that he plays, is very good mentally, and understands the game. Since he did not get as many reps during the week, the way he prepares off the field and in practice helps him."

In addition, Caponi has to be happy about the fact that he was comfortable putting Lopez and Parks in whereas last year he would not have had options.

"I didn't have really as much of a say last year, so it was kind of tough," Caponi said. "We knew what we had. We felt like we had a little bit more depth coming into this year and those guys had a good camp, so we knew this situation at some point of the season could happen and we were ready for it."

Now attention turns to Colorado and Caponi is making sure that his players remain humble and aware of the challenge the Buffs present.

"I think it is preparation, getting the guys prepared," Caponi said. "I have brought it up numerous times, what happened two years ago. Obviously we beat them last year, but it was not a good showing on defense. Just trying to light a fire underneath them and getting them to practice hard, prepare, and go play hard."

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