Lopez feels more prepared

Anthony Lopez will once again filled in for an injured Tra'Mayne Bondurant. Read on to see why Lopez feels more prepared, how he played the first game, and more.

Anthony Lopez knew he may get a couple of snaps against Utah, but when Tra'Mayne Bondurant went down, it turned into a lot more than that.

Looking back on the game, Lopez feels he could have done better.

"I feel like when I was in the game I was going way too fast," Lopez said of the Utah game. "I wasn't slowing down and focusing on what I was doing.

"I was thinking too much and I just need to do what my coach told me to do and what we need to do defensive scheme wise and just play the game."

Lopez is actually thankful that he did not anticipate playing as many downs as he did, because he feels he would have been more nervous.

"I feel like if I would have known before the game I would have been more nervous," he said. "I got throw into SWAT too, so I was a little nervous about that and then I got thrown in, so I didn't have time to be nervous."

The ability to play more in an actual game allowed Lopez to speed up the learning process.

"The biggest thing I learned is probably just understanding what I was doing on the field," Lopez said. "I knew most of what was going on, so having that understanding really helped me out."

With Bondurant out against Colorado this weekend, Lopez knows that he and the rest of the defense need to avoid a letdown.

"Coach Caponi tells us about how two years ago Arizona went up there and ended up losing to Colorado when I think they only won one game up until that point," Lopez said.

"He has been saying that can't happen to us. We are starting a win streak, so we have to keep it going, go up there and play like we know how to play, execute the defensive scheme like we have been doing it and then get the W."

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