Denker continuing to improve

Arizona quarterback B.J. Denker is playing the best football of his career. Read on to see what Rich Rodriguez and Ka'Deem Carey have to say about their quarterback.

Arizona quarterback B.J. Denker played one of the worst games of his life early in the season against Washington. Since then, he has improved and seems to have a better outing than the last every time he touches the field.

On Saturday, Denker ran for 192 yards as Colorado had absolutely no answer for what Arizona was doing on offense.

"He was making great reads out there," running back Ka'Deem Carey said. "He was making the defense try to play even harder, and once they played harder, he just took it. He was throwing the ball well today. I loved it."

Colorado was relatively successful defending Carey, which is why Denker's success on the ground proved to be so valuable for Arizona.

"It was big," Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez said. "The way they were defending us, they were loading the box to stop Ka'Deem (Carey), and we were going to have to take the ball up high.

"Obviously B.J. running was a key. The way they were playing us they were going to take away a lot of Ka'Deem's inside runs, so B.J. had some opportunities."

Arizona had most of its offensive success when it was able to move fast and Denker says that is no surprise to the Wildcats.

"When we do well on the first down and pick up the tempo, we go really fast and it's hard to stop us," he said. "That's our key and our motto, and if we do that, we will be successful in our offense."

What makes Denker dangerous at this point of the season may not be his ability on the field, but rather his mindset.

"I didn't know he outrushed Ka'Deem until somebody told me," Rodriguez said. "I've had a quarterback do that before, a couple of them as a matter of fact. Denard Robinson and Pat White and they were really fast. But B.J.'s a competitor and I think that's his best quality, he loves to compete."

Denker and the rest of the offense seemed to click in the second half of the USC game and Denker is quick to realize what to attribute it to.

"Confidence," he said. "Not just my own, but the confidence of our receivers and our whole offense. I think we played a little tight at the beginning of the year, and now we are loose. We are having fun."

Still, Denker needs a reminder from time to time and there is one teammate in particular that is quick to remind him of what he can do.

"Every time he steps on the field, he makes a play and has that smile," Carey said of Denker. "That is when he gets back in his comfort zone and loves football again.

"Sometimes, he loses focus. I have to go remind him. After that, he goes out and makes a great play, which is when he remembers that he loves football."

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