Bondurant looking forward to being back

Tra'Mayne Bondurant has been on the sidelines with a concussion the past few weeks. Read on for an update on his health, thoughts on Cal, and more.

Tra'Mayne Bondurant has been working to get back from a concussion and he has now reached the point where he is ready to return.

"I feel very good now," Bondurant said. "That is always a good thing and I am just ready to come back."

Bondurant is happy for Arizona's success in his absence, but admits that having to watch from the sideline was hard.

"It was extremely difficult to not get a chance to play and watching the game is one of the worst feelings for me really," he said. "It's devastating, but I am proud of my team to know they got two wins and now I am ready to get back on the field and do what I do."

In addition, Bondurant looked at his absence as a learning opportunity.

"You learn a lot," Bondurant said. "You learn that you love football more. You learn and you see what you could have done and you try to help people in front of you and the people filling your spot for you.

"You also try to learn from them and do whatever you can to fight through it and keep your head right."

Anthony Lopez took over for Bondurant and was able to fill that void nicely.

"He did a good job," Bondurant said of Lopez. "He came in and filled in for two games and played his position. He did his job, stayed focused, and I made sure I talked to him and made sure that I let him know not to be rattled and just go out there and play, because he knows what he is doing."

Bondurant will now return against a Cal team that poses a unique challenge with how much it likes to throw.

"They throw the ball a lot," he said. "They have up-tempo like our offense is and it is going to be a good game for us. We are going to make sure we are ready and lined up right every play. We see they can pass and throw the ball a lot, so we have to guard our man and stay focused.

"We watch film on them and the quarterback has a good arm. He is throwing the ball 60 yards down the field, so we have to make sure we are playing man-to-man, getting back deep and keeping everything in front of us."

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